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Every single minute, people buy at least one million disposable plastic bottles all over the world. Imagine the amount of raw material that would go into manufacturing these bottles. Next, think about the space they will occupy once they are thrown away. 


We’re slowly turning water, the lifeline of our planet, into the thing that harms it the most.


And if we don’t move to make a change, it’s only going to go downhill from here. We’re Reuset, and we’re looking to make a difference.


How? The answer is in reusable water and coffee containers.


By using a reusable bottle, you are significantly decreasing your carbon footprint, putting more money in your wallet, and safeguarding your health. It’s a fashionable way to show your commitment to the environment, and a chemical-free, BPA-free way of protecting yourself and your loved ones from toxic plastics.


Here at Reuset, we love our planet as much as we love coffee and staying hydrated. This is why we established a handsome line of reusable water bottles and coffee cups that keep their temperature for over 3 hours!